Introducing Goddess Platinum

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





About Goddess Platinum

Some of you may have heard of our newest (as of 5/20/2021) ScissorVixen…GORGEOUS blonde and professional MAN-BEATER…Goddess Platinum.

We’ve known about Goddess Platinum for over a year and would have featured her long before this but of course, Covid put those plans on hold.

Goddess Platinum has a long and extensive athletic background (soccer, swimming, track and field, etc.) so her competitive drive is very high!

But don’t be fooled by her girl-next-door beauty…Goddess Platinum is as VICIOUS and SADISTIC as they come!

In fact…you can find her on her own site at absolutely DESTROYING MEN in some of the most sadistic and cruel ways all the while keeping a smile on her pretty face.

For Goddess Platinum…your pain is her utmost PLEASURE!

Goddess Platinum's Videos

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