FacesittingVixens offers you some of the HOTTEST FACE-SITTERS you'll find anywhere! 

Below are photos from our latest FacesittingVixens Videos!

Ari's SMOTHERING ASS! featuring Ari Parker
He thought we were going to go out for dinner but I decided to stay in and serve him dessert instead!
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Milah Romanov's Face Eclipse! featuring Milah Romanov
For those who don't know me, and that should be very few, I'm Milah Romanov...WORLD FAMOUS for my suffocating ass and what is known as 'The Romanov Eclipse!'.
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No One Escapes Naomi Swann's ASS! featuring Naomi Swann
My little slave tried to escape today. Time to lock him up where the sun doesn’t shine under my YOUNG, TIGHT ASS!
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Chichi’s SPICY ASS! featuring Chichi
He thinks I’ve become too boring and need to spice things up a bit. Sure, one SPICY ASS coming right up!
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Janira Wolfe’s KNOCKOUT ASS! featuring Janira Wolfe
First I tried to knock him out with my feet but finally did him in with my MUSCULAR SUFFOCATING ASS!
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Resting SMOTHERED Face! featuring Whitney Wright
So he thinks I have a resting bitch face!? Ok, lets see what his Resting SMOTHERED Face looks like underneath my tight ass!
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Jenny Jett’s SEXY OIL SMOTHERING! featuring Jenny Jett
The only thing sexier than getting smothered by my ass is getting SMOTHERED by my ass in oil!
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Hot round mounds of succulent female flesh descend on a man’s protesting face, ready, willing and eager to rob his breath and dominate him in the most demeaning – and sexy – way possible!

She sits seductively, swallowing his face in her magnificent butt, or crushing it between her squatting thighs and using her musky womanhood to subject him to the most humiliating submissiveness possible.

That’s what FacesittingVixens is all about! 

Beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous girls with breath-stealing asses and face-erasing crotches doing their best to dominate, humiliate and subordinate their victims in a mind-blowing display of all-out facesitting prowess! 

We have a wide range of facesitters in all shapes, sizes and colors doing their ass-phyxiating best to destroy their victims!

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