Introducing Dixie Comet

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Dixie Comet

What three things do Dia Zerva, Lola Lynn and Dixie Comet all have in common…? 

They all hail from the ‘Steel City’ of Pittsburgh, Pa., they all know each other personally and of course have leg scissorsthat are absolutely excruciating!

You’d think I would have learned my lesson a long time ago about underestimating these women no matter how petite or harmless they may first appear. 

Even after a few very painful scissor shoots with Dixie’s MILF friend, Lola Lynn, I apparently gave Dixie Comet the impression I didn’t think she’d be able to live up to Lola Lynn’s reputation!

And so knowing her friends, Dia Zerva and Lola Lynn, had both stopped by the ScissorVixens studio a few times already Dixie Comet was determined to prove she’s every bit as lethal as they are. 

And boy did she ever!

When Dixie pulled up to our studio she was wearing a long sun-dress and high heels. And when she opened her driver’s side car door her sun-dress rode up pretty high on her hip and it was one of those…”Oh boy…those legs look like they mean business!” moments.

In Dixie’s debut video (titled ‘Upskirt Scissors!’) it was 100% non-stop ‘Squeeze until you pop his head off!’ type of pressure for the entire video! 

And that’s the only way Dixie Comet knows how to scissor…especially when she’s out to prove she can SQUEEEEEEZE with the best of them including a few of her friends!

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