'CRUSHED by The Contortionist!’


Knotty Natasha

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We love working with SEXY contortionists that combine extreme flexibility with athleticism and power!

And in the case of new ScissorVixen, Knotty Natasha, it’s all on full display in her debut ScissorVixens video!

We were thrilled when Knotty Natasha (aka Stunt Cunt) reached out to us and couldn’t wait to feature her flexible and powerful body for all of our ScissorVixens fans to enjoy!

Some may see Knotty Natasha and think…”Hmmm, I think I’ve seen her before on ScissorVixens…?” and that’s because she has a striking resemblance to another contortionist we featured a few years ago by the name of Rici Gray (https://www.vixensfetishtheater.com/rici_gray/).

But make no mistake, although both can easily pass for sisters, or maybe even twins, they are indeed two different sets of SKULLCRUSHING thighs!

Knotty Natasha told us she’s done similar videos before where she was the one being dominated but this time…she was excited to be the one DOMINATING and kicking someone else’s ass for once!

Right from the beginning, once Knotty Natasha got her QUADS around our victim’s neck…her thighs exploded with power that turned his face a dark shade of red in seconds and the panic in his eyes said it all!

We loved her creativity as well, using her feet and ankles to choke him while he was flat on his back on the couch!

But her reverse was a thing of BEAUTY and brutality at the same time absolutely DESTROYING whatever resistance he had left!

And when she transitions into a reverse figure-4 and he can’t take it…she calls him  a ‘Fucking pussy!’.

She drags him from the couch to the floor where she has more room and leverage to really crank it with some vicious THIGH-CHOPS and of course more devastating scissors!

Knotty Natasha eventually gets bored with kicking his ass and tells him to leave and then goes back to stretching, but this time without a pervert watching from the sidelines!

So check out contortionist, Knotty Natasha, in her debut ScissorVixens video titled ‘CRUSHED by The Contortionist!’.

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