Introducing Charlotte CausePlayas

Physical Statistics




155 lbs.





About Charlotte CausePlayas

At 5’11” tall barefoot (well over 6ft. tall in high heels), Amazon Charlotte CausePlayas definitely exceeded our expectations! 

She towered over me, even in bare feet, and I have to admit…it was a little intimidating as she likes to square up with you and if you’re not careful…before you know it she’ll have a vicious choke-hold on you! 

And her scissors!? BRUTAL!

Those long, muscular dancer thighs will most definitely make you tap out in no time! And you better tap because the next step is definitely nap time!

And her playfulness combined with her aggressive personality is a perfect combination that you can’t resist…no matter if you want to or not!

We HIGHLY recommend Charlotte CausePlayas for sessions if you wanna be tossed around like a ragdoll and CRUSHED like a watermelon or perhaps relax and just admire her powerful physique!

Session and Contact Information

 Location: Las Vegas, NV.

Charlotte CausePlayas's Videos

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