Introducing Cerina Duke

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Cerina Duke

Cerina is quite the interesting young lady. She comes to us from Utah where she is the first model we’ve ever shot from the rugged western state.

And as is the case with many people from Utah she is a devout Mormon.

However…Cerina also has a very independent and somewhat rebellious side to her versatile personality which is why she is also the first Mormon we’ve ever shot a ScissorVixen video with.

Cerina LOVES to show off and what she loves to show off more than anything are her legs! At 5’5″ tall Cerina’s big thighs, while wearing a short skirt or sun-dress and high heels, will catch the immediate attention of any ‘leg man’ or any other man for that matter!

And not only does she have the legs to get your attention she’s perfected a very confident strut that screams “Look at me!” while walking down a public sidewalk or street.

In fact…she was wearing the same sun-dress and high heels she is wearing in this video while doing her strut down the Las Vegas Boulevard which of course prompted quite a few whistles and cat calls from males, and perhaps a few females, in passing cars.