Introducing Brooke

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Brooke

Once again we at ScissorVixens add yet another CRUSHER to our ever-growing lineup in the form of a drop-dead dark-haired BEAUTY named Brooke!

We were first alerted to Brooke by another producer who sent us a picture of her muscular thighs scissoring some poor guy’s neck with the caption…”Hey Drew…I think Brooke’s got the right look for your site! lol”.

And boy does she ever!

During a pre-shoot interview with another producer he asked Brooke a series of questions.  One of them was…”Do you have a favorite body-part and if so what is it…?”.

Her reply was music to a scissor-fans ears…”Yeah…I would have to say my legs because they are pretty strong from playing soccer, gymnastics and volleyball.”.

But wait…it gets better!

Brooke told us off camera that one thing she LOVES to do is WRESTLE but none of her guy-friends want to because she’s a girl.  And her favorite hold is no surprise either…LEG SCISSORS!

And we’re sure for many of you Brooke just may be one of your new favorite ScissorVixens!

Brooke's Videos

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