'Brigit Heart's SAVAGE Scissors!’


Brigit Heart

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We first introduced Brigit Heart a few weeks ago on ScissorVixens and she was an immediate hit!

This NYC based dominatrix LOVES to dominate men and with thighs like hers…it’s not much of challenge!

We watched as she absolutely DESTROYED her first ScissorVixens victim (who decided it was time to RETIRE after his shoot with Brigit) and now it’s Drew’s turn.

Brigit Heart absolutely DESTROYS Drew in one scissor hold after the other!

No matter what scissor hold he’s trapped in …it’s TAP! TAP! TAP!

Brigit Heart clearly delights in dominating Drew, while taunting him with every SQUEEEEZE!

If you like the athletic ‘girl next door’ type with an amazing, athletic body that can show you who’s in charge …then you don’t want to miss Brigit Heart’s SAVAGE Scissors!

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