Introducing Bella Rossi

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Bella Rossi

Right from the start we could tell Bella Rossi was as dominant as they come!  It was written right on the jacket she was wearing in bold letters: ‘Sadistic’ on one side and ‘Masochist’ on the other!

Getting pleasure out of your PAIN is what this powerfully built domme is all about and boy can her POWERHOUSE THIGHS dish it out!

Her background includes soccer, dancing and bare-back horse riding as well as working her SKULL-CRUSHER THIGHS in the gym so as she puts it…”Once you’re locked in…there’s no way out!”.

In fact, while only taking photos, she clamped down on Drew’s neck so tight in a front head scissors, kinking it in about 3 different places, he almost had to call the shoot off! 

This girl can put you to sleep in a hurry if you’re not careful!

Bella Rossi's Videos

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