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When one of our modeling agents told us about a new athletic model he recently shot with that would be perfect for ScissorVixens.com and then showed us her pictures we were like “Hell ya!”.

One look at her legs and ass and we knew she’d have no problem CRUSHING heads (and a few ribs) between her powerful thighs!  She told us she did it ‘all’ (sports) in high school…field hockey, track and field, gymnastics and cheerleading.

So now watch her add LEG-SCISSORS to her impressive list of athletic talents!

In her debut ScissorVixen video Rebekah shows up for a modeling gig only to be told by the perverted photographer in order to get paid the full amount he offered her she’s gotta take off her top.  But when she tells him that was never part of the deal he tells her…”Well…guess you can call this a ‘bait and switch’ sweetie!”.

And that’s when Rebekah shows him a new meaning of ‘bait and switch’ using her powerful, athletic thighs!

In addition to powerful scissor holds of every kind Rebekah administers some of the most VICIOUS thigh-chops and thigh-bombs Drew has ever felt.  After the shoot Drew was still a bit disoriented and dizzy from Rebekah’s violent leggy abuse and was in need of some potent pain killers!

So checkout Rebekah in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘Bait and SCISSOR Switch!’.

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Format: MP4

Video Length: 30 minutes

Total Bitrate: 10,000 kbps

Frame Size: Full-HD (1920×1080)

Video File Size: 2.3 GB

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