Introducing Ava Monroe

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Ava Monroe

When you look at Ava Monroe she may remind you of another very popular ScissorVixen by the name of Lucy L’Vette in her striking good looks and curvy but powerful build. And just like Lucy L’Vette…she has a powerhouse squeeeeeeze!

During my first shoot with Ava Monroe I did more tapping out then I am accustomed to doing!  She had me seeing stars many times (and not just the star tattoos on the back of her legs!) and in particular…her absolutely murderous reverse head scissors!

So when Ava told us about her background which includes many years playing soccer (including in college), spending a few years in the Army and a stint as an exotic dancer…it’s no wonder she had me seeing stars and tapping out on more than a few occasions!

After her first shoot with us she was quite proud and somewhat cocky about the way she destroyed Drew with her powerful thighs. 

She even taunted him several days later with a text that read…””So…when do I get to knock you out!”. 

And when I told her that the only way to do that is ignore my tap-outs but then I would have to bust out she replied…”Oh…I’m going to ignore your tap-outs next time but I don’t think you’ll be getting out…you’ll be passing out instead!”.

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