Introducing Ariel X

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





Ariel X Princess

“Whenever I get a man trapped between my thighs in a scissor hold…I feel like a powerful Amazon!”. 

Yes…that was the exact message Ariel X sent me several months ago while texting her about setting up a ScissorVixen video shoot! 

Needless to say…after receiving that message I was more than excited to work with this sexy lean, mean fighting machine known elsewhere on the internet as Ariel X – ‘The Assassin’!

Ariel X is no stranger to fighting and has been dominating the mats for quite some time! 

She is known for her boundless energy and stamina that eventually wears her opponents down forcing them to submit to her physical superiority. 

And we found out first hand just how grueling her scissors can be once she wraps her legs around your neck and begins to squeeeeeze never letting up until you tap out or get knocked out! 

Ariel X IS available for sessions so check out her information below.

Ariel X's Videos

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