Introducing Antoinette Soto

Physical Statistics




160 lbs.





About Antoinette Soto

GORGEOUS fitness babe, Antoinette Soto, is a fiery mix of Native American Indian and Mexican and is every bit as HOT as the Arizona sun where she lives and performs as a professional Go-Go dancer as well as a fitness enthusiast.

One look at Antoinette’s physique and you know this muscle-girl doesn’t skip LEG DAY or any other day in the gym!

She told us that often during her Go-Go dancing performances, men will ask her to wrap her legs around them in an attempt to feel their power. 

These men obviously have no idea just how powerful her PYTHONS are or they would never request to be put in such a dangerous position!

But here at we know all-too-well the DANGER we put ourselves in but continue to do so with POWERFUL ScissorVixens like Antoinette Soto and her BRUTAL SCISSORS!

Antoinette Soto's Videos

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