Introducing Anna Konda

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About anna konda

Anna Konda….the name says it all. Look at this leggy lass and beware: In the coils of those sleek, smooth, sexy legs and ass is the power of a slithering jungle animal that kills the only way it knows – SQUEEEEEEEEEEZING and SMOTHERING!

We’ve worked with a lot of girls and can say Anna Konda, a drop-dead cute college girl, is as strong as anyone and absolutely LOVES using her rock-hard legs and ass to crush her victims!

She’s tall, built with naturally muscularity and a willingness to make men suffer in her unbelievable legs and ass.

We’ve been squeezed and smothered by many and can say honestly that our Anna Konda is a world-class crusher and smothering vixen as vicious as any of them!

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