Introducing Angel of Pain

Physical Statistics




150 lbs.





About Angel of Pain

“That looks BAD ASS!”
 When a potential future ScissorVixen replies to one of our offers with that kind of reply…we know we’ve found another winner!
 Standing at 5’10” tall barefoot and a solid 155lbs of pure, sexy SKULL-CRUSHING MUSCLE…this young blonde muscle hottie is physically developed well beyond her years at only 20 years old!
 And even though it’s obvious by just looking at her muscular physique that Angel of Pain has some serious power from head to toe…she’s freakishly powerful for even a girl her size!
 She showed us some videos of her working out in the gym and we were amazed at the weight she was tossing around!
 One-arm bent-over dumbbell rows with a RIDICULOUS 120lbs!
 Decline bench with 185lbs!
 And…leg presses with nearly 800lbs with 8 large 45lb plates on each side (16 45lb plates total)!
 And showing off while intimidating and embarrassing the poor boys is something she admits she loves doing every day in the gym!
 So it’s no wonder when given the opportunity to do the same thing for our ScissorVixen cameras…Angel of Pain replied with…”That looks BAD ASS!”.