Introducing Anaconda Andi

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Anaconda Andi

When Anaconda Andi showed up for our shoot we had no idea just how powerful this somewhat ‘shy’ girl’s thighs were. 

At first glance she didn’t look imposing in any way and her quiet and gentle demeanor didn’t give us any reason to suspect she was going to have a killer squeeze. 

But once again we are taken by surprise!

As always we start by taking photos before each video and I tell the girls to crank it once they hear the ‘beep’ from the camera right before the flash goes off. 

So there I was in position for the first photo with my neck firmly wedged between Anaconda Andi’s thighs, the beep goes off and BAM my head nearly goes off my head as well! 

“Holy shit!”

Anaconda Andi’s thighs went from slender unassuming legs to huge, muscular and ‘hard as rock’ SKULL CRUSHERS in fraction of a second once she locked up her ankles and squeezed!

I knew then I was in for a long shoot and I would no doubt be hurting afterwards which I did big time!

Anaconda Andi's Videos

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