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The insanely SEXY, and off-the-charts POWERFUL, UK powerlifter, Alexis Luna, puts her SKULLCRUSHING capabilities on full display in her version of our ScissorVixens SAVAGE SCISSORS series that takes it to a whole new level!

She has easily moved into our TOP 5 of all-time ScissorVixen CRUSHERS, and considering that is amongst nearly 640 different Vixens (as of 12/18/2023) spanning nearly 20 years…that’s definitely saying a lot!

The power between Alexis Luna’s THIGHS is CRAZY and the only question is…will she make you tap-out IMMEDIATELY or will she toy with you, delivering powerful jolts from her inner-thighs, before finally deciding to put you away!

And just to add to my humiliation and to demonstrate that she doesn’t even need to cross her ankles to apply intolerable pressure…watch as Lexis Luna nearly pops my head off with her steel-like adductor muscles without locking up her ankles!

It’s no wonder no-one stands a chance once she pulls it all together!

The scissor action begins with Alexis Luna making herself comfortable on the chair, while spreading her legs and challenging me by saying…”Ok…lets see if you can take it!?”, to which she already knew the answer…NO!

Then from there I was making noises I never knew I could make as it was a total TAP-FEST as Alexis seems to be putting hardly any effort into making me give up over and over again!

In one front figure-4, I was seeing stars in seconds, as Alexis simply squeezed her inner thighs around my neck, and was kind enough to give me a few gentle slaps to make sure I stayed conscious!

Then it was off to the bed, where Alexis Luna would have plenty of room for what she calls her favorite, and what I call instant DEATH, her reverse head scissor!

Without even crossing her ankles…I was already bracing for the PRESSURE as she called me out saying…”I’m not even squeezing yet!”.

This is where Alexis initially decided to toy with me but it didn’t take her long to stop playing around and give me a lightning-fast JOLT of her power!

The bed is where most of us go to relax, but if you’re in bed with this human anaconda…it’s a bed of PAIN and SUFFERING!

Alexis ends the fun (well, fun for her and our members!) with a rib-crushing bodyscissors while totally tying up one of my arms around my neck! 

Afterwards, Alexis Luna looks at the camera, once again sitting with her legs spread open and declares…”MAN CRUSHERS, LIFE-TAKERS, the THIGHS OF DOOM!”.

No doubt you’ll agree after watching her in ‘Alexis Luna’s SAVAGE SCISSORS!’.

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