Introducing AJ Applegate

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About AJ Applegate

Adorably CUTE AJ Applegate has quite the athletic background including soccer, gymnastics and extensive experience as a professional dancer (ballet, hip-hop, jazz, etc.). 

When you put all that together you get a punishing pair of thighs that can administer a killer squeeeeeeze!

When she told us about the outfit she wanted to wear for her first ScissorVixen video I wasn’t sure what to expect but when she walked out of the dressing room wearing thigh-high striped socks, blue booty shorts and matching athletic top and wearing pigtails in her blonde hair…I thought…”Wow!  how adorably cute is that!?”. 

Then I soon found out that while she looked adorably cute there wasn’t anything ‘cute’ about her leg scissors!  So check out AJ Applegate’s killer squeeze here on!

AJ Applegate's Videos

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