Introducing Adriana

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





About Adriana

Wow!  Something most of our members will no doubt be saying when you check out Adrina for the first time! 

This gorgeous fitness babe and former track athlete from Idaho is certainly one VERY HOT POTATO! 

What many of you will love about Adrina is her sweet voice and girlish giggle which she demonstrates all the while totally destroying her helpless victims between her long, lean and powerful thighs!

During the live shooting of her first video I had to stop to make sure our victim was still alive and told him one good way to let us know he’s ok is to try and speak every once in a while and give Adrina some dialogue to work with.

His reply was priceless…“Dude…I’m trying to speak but I’m so busy concentrating on breathing and staying alive that I can’t get any words out!”.

And we guarantee you will be BREATHLESS as well when you watch this insanely gorgeous fitness babe CRUSH her victims senseless here on!

Adriana's Videos

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